The best way to understand what Tree of Life believes is captured in The basic Articles of Faith which lays out how we understand Scripture and gives us clear direction in the following social positions:

DIVORCE: We favor marriage over divorce while at the same time fully receiving those who have suffered divorce.
ABORTION: We oppose abortion.
SEXUAL SIN: We view any form of sexual impurity according to scripture such as adultery, premarital sex, homosexual behavior, child molestation, and pornography as one of many forms of sexual impurity from which God offers to transform us.
ADDICTIVE & DANGEROUS BEHAVIOR: We view drug use and gambling as addictive behaviors that are in conflict with a right relationship with God. This also includes the use of all legal un-healthy products such as alcohol and tobacco. 


These positions are part of our ‘halakah’ (house rules) that all attending agree to embrace as our collective conscience to ensure that our teaching and practice be consistent within the congregational assembly.