Tree of Life Drama Ministry

Activating God’s Word for learning

            > Re-enactments for Biblical Feasts and Festivals

                        Purim – The Whole Megillah: Born for such a time as this?

                        Hoshana Rabah – Drawing Up the Waters of Life For Eternal Salvation

                        Shimini Atzaret – Revelation and The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

            > Skits for life lessons, promote events/feasts/festivals, and more.

Why Drama?

Every human learns and remembers best in three specific ways.
            Our goal is to present teachings and celebrations of biblical observances utilizing all three ways.
  1. Hearing – Audible Learners
    1. Typical in most ‘church’ and ‘synagogue’ where someone stands up and gives a message/teaching then dismisses everyone.
    2. People forget that talking only reaches one side of the brain and it is possible to divide this into ‘styles’ to reach both sides of the brain for optimized learning and not just to learn and forget but to Hear and Remember and Obey.  This type of learning gets the material to become a part of the heart of a person.
      1. Talking
      2. Music/Singing
        For example: Choose songs that tie into the message or week’s Torah portion
  2. Seeing – Visual Learners
    1. Common in congregations through PowerPoint slides either photos of biblical subjects or captivating visuals.
    2. Skits and plays most congregations try this but focus on ‘entertaining’ instead of using these as tools to get people to hear, see, remember, and apply it and do it in their lives.
      1. The challenge is to do a play that incorporates hearing and seeing in order to make a lasting learning experience
  3. Touching – Tactile Learners
    1. Not usually used in congregations. These people need a hands-on approach to feel and to do what is being talked about in order to really bring God’s word into their minds and hearts. For example merely describing God’s Menorah and showing photos is good for most people but this group needs to feel it, put the candles or oil lamps in, light it, observe how it lights up the space, etc.
This is why we strive to utilize Reenactments as the main Drama Ministry activity that involve congregation participation incorporating all three learning styles resulting in more overall congregation retention of the learning topic.

Want to be a part of this team?

We are always looking for dedicated people to serve in this ministry.  All you need is the ability to read and learn lines, take direction.

We currently need:

  • Re-enactment ‘actors’ for reading and other actions

  • Prop makers

Annual Drama Ministry Events

Purim Readers Theater – The Whole Megillah

Shimini Atzaret – congregational reading of the Book of Revelation

Every Shimini Atzaret – the 8th Day Biblical Feast of the LORD immediately following the last day of Sukkot – we gather together for the Marriage Supper of The Bride and The Lamb.  The Marriage Supper always occurs on the 8th Day after a 7-day honeymoon.  The 8th Day is when the newlywed couple is presented as husband and wife to the public and is celebrated by the Father of the Groom giving a great supper celebration.  Because God gives no instructions for this day except to observe it as a day of rest and it’s application is so connected to various themes throughout the Book of Revelation, AND the Talmid Yochanon promises a special blessing to all congregations who read and hear this word, we make this day the day to celebrate the marriage of the Lamb and the return of the King Messiah.