"My Dear Children" Documentary about the Pograms against the Jews during the Russian Revolution

Nearly 100 years ago, Feiga Shamis, a Jewish mother of twelve, sent two of her youngest children to an orphanage a continent away.  The children were just eight and ten years old.  For the rest of their lives, the two spoke little of their past.  The story behind their silence reveals a little known piece of Jewish history shared by Jews the world over.

My Dear Children follows the journey of Judy Favish, Feiga’s granddaughter, as she seeks to understand Feiga’s decision to give up the two children, one of whom became Judy’s father.  With a letter Feiga wrote to the children, Judy travels to three continents in search of understanding and discovers a humanitarian tragedy relatively unstudied and difficult to penetrate.  Through Judy’s journey and Feiga’s letter, the film explores the forgotten history of the pograms and the anti-Jewish massacres following WWI, the impact of these massacres on multiple generations, and why these massacres should be seen as a precursor to the Holocaust.  Our exclusive access to this rare letter opens a window into this tragedy.

With the help of groundbreaking pogram scholars, Judy builds insight into what happened not only to Feiga’s family, but also to the hundreds of thousands of families like hers.  Her quest climaxes in New York, where a pogram archive and one of the few scholars to study it reveal the final heartbreaking back-story to Feiga’s account.

Interviews with historians woven together with Feiga’s words, never-before-seen archival film and photos, and original footage of Judy’s journey bring this forgotten history to life.

[ NOTE:  Due to the nature of this material, this film contains violence and brief nudity. ]