Sukkot begins This Sunday evening at Sunset, September 23rd.  Sukkot originated with the Hebrew slaves who left Egypt by way of Adonai’s “strong right hand.”  Dwelling in the desert for what turned out to be years, they developed temporary “booths” to somewhat shelter them from the elements.  Think camping.  Faithful Jews today do not assemble at their Temples or congregations, but erect booths in the yards of their homes.

For us as Messianics, our feast is not just remembrance of the journeys and travails of our spiritual forebearers, but a look forward in time, to when “God Most High Himself will dwell among us. He shall be our God, and we shall be His people.”  We celebrate and anticipate with joy, actually dwelling  in oneness with our Great God, and each other!

Here is what to know:  Most important, YOU’RE invited!
Each night will be pot-luck, so be sure to bring healthy goodies to share with others who are hungry, too.

Referring to the map above, the upper right-hand circle to the Northeast will be hosted this Wednesday night, only.  The light red circle closest to you is the approximate area of the host homes.  Obviously, we don’t give out names or addresses of our hosts over the web, so you will need to contact us.

With the exception of the home mentioned above, the other two locations (NW Phx and SE Valley) will be meeting each might, this Sunday 9/23, through Thursday, 9/27,  6:00 pm to approx 8:30 pm.

To find the host home nearest you, contact SiteAdmin Lynwood either via Facebook Messenger, or  Tell Lyn your major cross-streets and your contact info, either cell or email, and he will forward your info to the sukkah hosts nearest you so …

1) they can plan on your coming, 

2) give you detailed directions to their homes.

Erev Shabbat next Friday will begin with an Oneg Fellowship Meal at our Congregation starting at 5:30, with the Erev Shabbat service at Tree of Life Congregation’s own sukkah beginning at 7:00 pm.

We observe Sukkot next Saturday evening at the Congregation, with an Oneg beginning at 6:00 pm; followed by a worship and praise service.

This will be the greatest celebration for those who involve themselves most.  So, come be with us!  It’s Sukkot!