The early July new moon heralds the beginning of the 5th month of the Jewish calendar (beginning w/ Nisan), the month Av.  This is traditionally viewed as the most tragic month of the year.  Tradition has it that Aaron died on the 1st of Av. On 9 Av, both temples were destroyed. For many serious Jews no festive events such as parties, weddings, or mitzvahs are scheduled during this time.  Rather, it is a time of mourning and reflection.

But all isn’t bad news.  Following Tisha B’Av (9th Av), begins ‘the seven weeks of comfort” (shiva d’nechemta), wherein prophetic Scripture passages pointing to Israel’s glorious future are studied.

The month of tragedy and comfort implicitly stands akin to One who visited His own people, first as a Suffering Servant as the prophet Isaiah perfectly describes in Isaiah 53.  And that very same Y’Shua (“YHVH Saves”) is soon returning, as Isaiah partially describes as an Exalted Servant, in 52:13-15.

Destruction and Deliverance.  Calamity and Comfort.  Quite a month, Av.

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