Tree of Life Messianic Congregation in Scottsdale Arizona with senior Rabbi Jack Zimmerman invites you to join us to celebrate Purim with a fun reading of the Esther Megillah.  Purim is the story of intercession and salvation, putting your life on the line for your Jewish brethren and standing against evil.

We will have a fun reading during our regular Friday Erev Shabbat Service on March 10th at 7pm.

Please stay after service for coffee and hamantashen (traditional jelly-filled cookies).
This is a costume party service so we encourage both adults and children to come in costume or festive attire to add to the traditional festive mood.  [Please no masks covering face].

This is a free event, however please register so we will have enough hamantashen cookies and other goodies.

The Purim story of Esther is  more relevant today than ever for both the Jew and non-Jew. It shows us how to turn to God in times when publicly turning to God is banned.  It gives us the keyword ‘fasting’ which is code for turning to and praying to God for intercession. It shows us how we must take action and not sit by passively waiting for God to do his will.  It reminds us that even if we are enjoying safety we are sometimes required to:

  • stand up for what is right, declare what God says is right,

  • to fight for the promises God has given

  • always remember what Mordacai the Jew told his niece who was safe from evil – ‘perhaps you were born for such a time as this?’

The yearly Fast of Esther is optional but we encourage all to join together in intercession during this time for God’s will and salvation of the Nation of Israel and the Jewish People around the world as well as the brethren in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua HaMesshaiach. In today’s social, cultural, and political climate isn’t it time for all who consider themselves children of God to intercede on behalf of God’s people?

Let us show the world that we were born for such a time as this!

We hope you join us!  Grace and Shalom.