Celebrate Chag Shavuot – Feast of Weeks.

The conclusion of the 49 Days of Counting of the Days since the waving of the Omer is celebrated by all the people making pilgrimage to appear before the Lord by bringing as an offering ALL their First Fruits of the Season.  It was at the conclusion of these festivities that the first Believers received the Holy Spirit of God.  Until this time God only bestowed his Holy Spirit on only a few select righteous people but because of Yeshua the Messiah anyone who believed and was baptized would receive the Gift of God the Father’s Holy Spirit.  With The Holy Spirit believers can heal in the name of Yeshua, prophesy, be lead in the council of His Wisdom, Love, Understanding, Comforting, Strength, and more.

As a way of celebrating this 50th Day we re-enact the instructions of God in Deuteronomy 26  by gathering together as the pilgrims did in each of their towns, decorating baskets and filling them with our actual First Fruits or representations of our First Fruits to the Lord.  We sing the Psalms in the tradition that they did as they left their towns  and approached Jerusalem led by their Levittes and Priests.  As the only time when leaven bread and the common Hebrew man could approach The Lord past the altar this was a time of presentation and being close to  God’s Sprint. It is a great way to remember and celebrate the day that The Spirit of God went forth upon ALL believers in Yeshua HaMeshiach from that day forth.

Afterwards we share in a celebration Oneg meal by sharing an eating of our baskets of first fruits.  People also traditionally bring cheesecakes and cheese dips and cheese dishes with our fresh baked leaven loaves.

This day is often refereed to as the The Day of First Fruits – Yom Habikkurim.  It is different from the Day of the Waving of the Omer which is also called First Fruits because where The Omer was the First Fruits of the Barley Harvest, Shavuot was the waving of the First Fruits of the Wheat Harvest and ALL other fruit and vegetables up to that date.

Because it is a Pilgrimage Feast Day associated with coming before the Lord past the Altar many people choose to wear white clothing as a sign of purification and anointing and especially linen if they have it but it is not necessary.  All are welcome to come  to celebrate the Day of the Receiving of the Holy Spirit through Yeshua HaMeshiach.

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