About Tree of Life

MezuzahWe are a Messianic Community of Jews and Christians that worships Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah as prophesied in the Tanakh (Old Covenant) and revealed in the B’rit Chadasha (New Covenant).

We believe in the God of Israel who is echad, one in corporal unity, as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  We also believe the only way to receive atonement for sin is through the acceptance of the shed blood sacrifice God provided through His Son Yeshua.  It is by this means only that the free gift of eternal life is received.

We believe in the use of all the spiritual gifts, as long as such usage is in agreement with Scripture.  This means that if one were to engage in a tongue, or language unknown to the congregation, an interpretation is mandatory.

We believe that the Jewish sacred writings identify Messiah and that the Rabbis are not free to teach him within modern day Judaism.  We believe that the best way to introduce all people to their true messiah, is to live the fullness of life found only in Yeshua – the Living Torah.