On Israel's 70th

               On Israel’s 70th Anniversary
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We at the Tree of Life Congregation are honored to celebrate with Jewish people here in Scottsdale, across the US, in Israel, and around the world; on the occasion of Israel’s Seventieth Anniversary. 

Brett Stephens recently wrote a great opinion piece in the April 20th  NYT on “Jewish Power at 70 Years.”  He intertwines Israel’s noble reasons to celebrate, with incidents of anti-Semitic violence against Jews in Europe and especially Germany.  Even though German officials Tweet promises like, Jews shall never again feel threatened here,” Stephens correctly questions whether any state can police-up enough to secure all citizens; and of course, none can.

Moving from the individual to the state level, Stephens discusses the state enemies of Israel constantly attacking around its borders.  A key line: “Israel did not come into existence to serve as another showcase of the victimization of Jews. It exists to end the victimization of Jews.”  For many Jewish people disbursed across the world, “Israel is not their vanity. It’s their safeguard.”

Read Brett Stephens’ article here:  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/20/opinion/israel-70-anniversary-jews.html